A permanent is a kind of brevet that you can arrange to ride at any time.  Each permanent has an "owner" whom you contact to arrange to ride for RUSA credit.   I am currently owner of the following 200km permanents, both starting in Eugene, Oregon.

Alsea loop:  Eugene west to Crow, north to Monroe and then to Alsea via Alpine, Bellfountain, Decker Road, and Hwy 34.  Back to Alpine via Alsea Falls on South Fork Road, then back on Ferguson, Turnbow, High Pass, Dorsey/Alvadore, Clear Lake, Fir Butte, Royal, and in on the Fern Ridge path.   A fair amount of climbing in the middle half of the ride; last 30 miles flat.   Open all year, but recommended March-October.

Five Rivers: Eugene east to Walterville on McKenzie View and Camp Creek; then north to Crawfordsville on Marcola/Brush Creek, continuing to Sweet Home on Crawfordsville and Fern Ridge, and on to Lebanon on the Old Santiam Highway under many names.  South to Brownsville on Brownsville Road, continuing Gap / Priceborough and then North Coburg Road to Coburg, and back in on the River Front Path.

Future plans, from mostly figured out to complete speculation:   I'm thinking of

  • A loop south over Wolf Creek, then Siuslaw Hwy to Lorane, south on Territorial and 99 to Drain, across Hayhurst (or should we take Boswell?) then Shoestring to Cottage Grove.  Back to Eugene on Sears.   Obviously some details to be worked out, but much of this has been used in the Down the Drain brevet. 
  • A loop to the coast?  Out and back on Hwy 36, connecting on Poodle Creek?  Looping back on 38 is a little long.  Looping back along the Siuslaw seems too remote for individual riders.  For now, maybe just a permanent populaire (100km) one way to Florence. 
  • Point to point to Newport? 
  • Point to point to the Roseburg / Tenmile / Camas Valley area?  I ride to Tenmile fairly regularly, about 100 miles, and I have some ideas about where the extra 25 miles could come from.  But would anyone else but me be interested in this as a point-to-point 200k?
  • Eugene to Sisters or Bend:  South to Cottage Grove, then on the newish paved path to Oakridge, across Aufderheide to Blue River, over the Old McKenzie Pass to Sisters.  Basically a segment of the 600k put on by Michael Wolfe a few years ago. 
If you like route planning, and/or know some of these roads well, I'd love some help figuring them out. 

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