Sunday, June 3, 2012

Five Rivers Permanent

Five Rivers (RUSA permanent 1587)

[This post has been superseded by a July 15 entry with the same information, since the
  route has been approved by RUSA]

This loop from Eugene to Lebanon, with a spur to Walterville, takes you along the Willamette, McKenzie, Mohawk, and Calapooia rivers, and across the Santiam. The second half is fairly flat, and climbs in the first half are mostly gradual. The first climb is on Marcola Road where it becomes Brush Creek road (familiar from the Eden's Gate 400km brevet). The second, and steepest, is on Fern Ridge road between Crawfordsville and Sweet Home (and an information control at the top is there to make sure you enjoy it). The last is on Gap Road south of Brownsville.

There are few controls on this route (Walterville and Lebanon, plus two information controls and the start/end), but there are lots of optional food stops: Mohawk, Crawfordsville, Sweet Home, Brownsville, and Coburg. Each of these has at least a port-a-potty, and Sweet Home and Brownsville also have running water.

Start at  Eugene Coffee Company near 18th and Chambers, or at one of the other establishments there (but cues are oriented from Eugene Coffee Company) and take Fern Ridge Bicycle Path into town.

This route was approved July 15, 2012.   I've tried to make the cues as clear as possible (and thanks Crista and Lynne for good advice on that), but if you have any issues or suggestions for improving clarity, do please let me know!

Cue sheet